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As a teenager my walls were covered with posters to the point it felt like I was living in a thinly quilted paper tent. Beyond being an extreme fire hazard, my room was a life sized scrapbook that held all of my interests and passions. 


You've probably seen the national parks posters that feature illustrative images of Old Faithful and the iconic arches of southern Utah. Tapping into my inner poster hoarder, I decided to create something like this of my own, but instead of landscapes I wanted to highlight some of the unsung wildlife of the west (except for the moose, everybody knows about moose, I just couldn’t help myself!)


For each poster I selected an animal and broke the image into a simple 3-4 color palette. Leaning into a more minimalist flat color design helped give each animal a fresh modern take. 

In a way these images bridge the gap between the modern design world and the traditional western illustration of wildlife.


To make an inquiry about purchasing a piece please send an image of the piece you are interested in via email to Georgina Goodlander.

Thank you

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