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Update July 5-18: Timponogos, Business Cards and Family

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

The major progress of the past two weeks has been on a Timponogos commission. Almost every day we go running down in the Spanish Fork River Bottoms and get to see this beautiful and iconic mountain. The repeated exposure must be working on Colter because his first-ever rendition of Mt. Timp is really coming along. Looks like we'll have to find some time to hike it this summer!

Shows and Festivals

  • All 10 business card sized landscapes have been dropped off at the JKR Gallery. The show will run through most of August, stay posted for the exact dates. It has been really fun to see all of the different business card sized pieces that will be for sale. For a sneak peek check out @JKRGallery on Instagram. Each piece will sell for $80, so come find your favorites early!

  • Sad news came this week wen we found out that "Our Shared Symbol" wasn't accepted into the church's 12th International Art Competition. Although we were hopeful, we knew a very high bar would be required. With three more years of painting before the 13th International Art Competition, our confidence in the future is still high!

  • A small win came as "Copper Sunset" won an honorable mention in the Art Show International Nature competition.


  • We continue to be excited about Colter's work having a home at Corwin Galleries. Hamilton, MT is definitely a place to stop if you are in western Montana.


  • The Timponogos landscape has made significant progress this week. After blocking in a dynamic sunset, the relationship between the sky and the mountain didn't feel quite right. In an effort to figure out what changes to make, Colter covered it with a light blue, but left texture and color peeking through. The result is very visually complementary to the coloring of the mountain. The next step is to spend some time harmonizing the foreground. It should be done in the next week or so!

  • Big Sur has paint down! The smaller study is almost fully blocked in, with detail work happening on he rocks and beach front. It has been a fun challenge to transition to an ocean scene.


  • Colter got to spend time chatting with Keeley Rae when he dropped off his paintings at the JKR Gallery. As peers at BYU Idaho they got to experience each others artistic growth, so it's been really fun to be in the same area again. Keeley has been so generous in helping us get settled into the Utah and Provo art scenes!


  • This last week was family reunion #2 in a row, which means everyone was pretty exhausted, but also more capable of actually sleeping in a tent rather than just running around in it! We had a lot of fun with extended family in North East Idaho at the 7N Ranch. We learned it's probably a bad idea to take babies and toddlers on a barely moving river in tubes, and it's probably a good idea to separate the tents of the families who have kids who will be up at night crying! The kids loved having time to play with older cousins, and we enjoyed being out in nature with people that we love. We also ate really good food, which was definitely a perk!

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