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Physical pieces were on display at Brigham Young University Idaho on the third floor of the Spori Building


As a native of Montana, I have benefited from a legacy of exploration, natural wonder, and deep admiration for wildlife. My childhood years brought me within close personal proximity to many of the Monarchs of the West. I frequently observed wildlife in their natural environments, an opportunity that is becoming increasingly rare. The connection I developed with the land and animals imprinted me with a desire to share these experiences. This show is an opportunity for me to use paint on canvas to honor the grandeur of western wildlife and landscape. I hope to create an encounter between the subject of my work and the viewer that sparks a sense of wonder.




In April of 2019, two years ago, I painted this still life on the opening day of my oil painting 1 class. My first oil painting ever...

Since then I have had to come to terms with my weaknesses. A grueling process that involves praying at my easel, asking difficult questions, and pursuing resolutions despite resistance and repeated failure. In all honesty, I am still working to overcome failure. However, in the pursuit of completing my BFA, I have grown and discovered resilience and tenacity for improving my work despite my limitations. This process has enabled me to meet incredible people, be instructed by devoted mentors, and feel the sustaining support of my personal network. While confronting these early paintings is difficult, I am thrilled to see the progress that has been made as a result of striving through the BFA and am anxious to see what will come in the next few years. 



Undoubtedly, the person I am today has been heavily influenced by the people who have been willing to impart their knowledge and support to me and my development. I want to briefly acknowledge a few key individuals by name who have helped nurture my progression through my education and left a lasting impact on my life. 


Thank you to:

Mom, for raising me in an environment that cultivated my creative interests. 

Dad, for teaching me principles about running that helped make me a better person.

Bobbe, for encouraging me to pursue my passion and trusting me to dream with you.

Leon Parson, for helping me understand the importance of artistic principles and faith. 

Brian Astle, for teaching me how to ask meaningful questions to fuel my work and process.

Kimball Geisler, for taking me on as an intern and having candid conversations about art.

Shae Warnick, for stepping in and putting up with my questions and requests.

Nicholas Coleman, for letting a wide-eyed kid step into your studio and be inspired. 

Josh Clare, for letting me study your work up close and visit your sanctuary. 

& to everyone else who has supported me in any way, I thank you. Truly, your encouragement in my life is helping me to become something that would be impossible on my own.  

For information about acquiring a piece contact me directly at: 

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