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What started as a simple project with my daughters turned into this series of western collage. We would sit together at the kitchen table flipping through magazines and cutting out pictures, and I would watch as the “cuttings” started to take on the look of confetti. 


While I turned a blind eye to the mangling of magazines, I found myself drawn to the old images of pioneer settlers and cowboys. In their faces I saw grit and a raw spirit that contrasted heavily with the imagery contained in social media today. Really what I found in these images was authenticity (even with Kevin Costner) that when paired with a spectacular backdrop made for extremely interesting imagery. 


This collection is intended to take the reality of western living and give it a splash of the fantastical. Collage allows you to change setting, alter scale, and combine subjects to make something new and exciting. While creating these pieces I discovered humor, daring, and joy. These characteristics of the collage work make me think that these fantastical scenes with authentic people could teach us something about being truly genuine. 


To make an inquiry about purchasing a piece please send an image of the piece you are interested in via email to Georgina Goodlander.

Thank you

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