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Adam & Beth


First Glimpse | July 2022 | Church activity and outings with mutual friends

First Attempted Date | July 2022 | Fiddler on the Roof at BYU - Bethany was already going with her family, so she said no!

First Real Date | July 2022 | BYU Museum of Art Cafe lunch and chat

Adam's First Devo and Lunch with Grahams | November 2022 | Free food? Worth meeting Beth's dad so early!

Skiing | December 2022

Beth's First Ski Trip in Jackson | January 2023 | Huge success!

More Skiing | February 2023

Engaged! | March 18, 2023 | Rock Canyon, red panda suit, she said yes!

Graham Family Retreat | March 2023 | Sledding, mission reports and chit chat time

Trip to Guatemala with the Meadows Family | April 2023 | Humanitarian aid, good food, temple trip and more

For Real. More Skiing | May 2023 | Happy memories with Adam's mission president


If you’ve been a friend of Adam’s, you’ve most likely been on an adventure with him.  His spirit of discovery and thrill are contagious to all who associate with him.  Adam is at home on the _____ ski slopes of Jackson Wyoming, where he was born and raised.  When not skiing, he was a member of the high school football team, played the  ___________ in the school’s jazz band and did work for his parents’ hotels.  Some of his favorite memories are of hunting trips with his dad and __________.  His love of the gospel of Jesus Christ was a catalyst for his missionary service in __________.  His experiences as a missionary solidified his commitment to spend his life building and improving opportunities to help other people, which he is the lens through which he is doing his studies at BYU.  He is a committed student and employee, and knows how to work hard and play hard. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-28 at 3.28.52 PM.png
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Now that you have found yourself in Bethany’s life, you will be counted among the many people to whom she is a loyal friend.  From her nieces and nephews to her neighbors, to her mission companions and the elderly, Bethany has a boisterous laugh and a place in her heart for everyone.  Her earliest years were spent in the midwest, but for the majority of her life she has lived in Spanish Fork, Utah.  It was there that she learned to love running, playing the violin, singing, mountain biking and climbing.  After serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Czech Republic she returned to BYU and is currently studying to pursue a career in occupational therapy.  She is spontaneous, spunky and always up for an adventure. More likely than not you will find her enjoying the outdoors with Adam, another friend or family member.


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